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Automated Cryptocurrency Investment Made Easy

SecureDeFi Trading&Automated Portfolios

Maximize Returns in any Market

We built Bedrock to make it easy to invest in a basket of crypto assets. Our team is composed of researchers, fin-tech professionals, and smart contract engineers.

Deposit funds

Browse the list of portfolios and select which strategy you would like to invest in. Monitor performance and adjust as the markets evolve.
Deposit funds

Employ an automated strategy to grow your account.

Take advantage of our pre-built portfolios to grow your account. Crypto staples, emerging tokens, real-world assets and more
Employ an automated strategy to grow your account.

Track Results in Real-time

Track, pause or change your strategies based on market performance.
Track Results in Real-time
Our Mission

Crypto Investing Made Easy

Select from a variety of strategies and withdraw when your goals are met.
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Recurring Deposits

Connect your wallet, bank or ApplePay to deposit funds into an automated strategy to invest and grow your crypto.
Recurring <span class='gray-text'>Deposits</span>

A Wide Variety of Automated Trading Strategies

Select from battle-tested strategies focused on Dollar Cost Averaging, or investing in themes like Infrastructure, Store of Value or emerging tokens.
A Wide Variety of Automated <span class='gray-text'>Trading Strategies</span>

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