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About Us

Bedrock merges the robustness of asset management with the agility of a SaaS platform to redefine crypto investment strategies. Our origin is rooted in the volatile crypto markets of early 2020, which exposed the urgent need for more resilient investment approaches. This challenge inspired a team of finance experts and tech enthusiasts to devise a solution that harnesses the strategies of traditional hedge funds, tailored for the crypto world.
Our platform empowers both individuals and institutions to grow and protect their crypto investments through automated, hedge fund-inspired trading strategies. Designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency markets, Bedrock stands at the forefront of combining time-tested investment principles with cutting-edge technology.
The Conventional Crypto Portfolio: A Wild Ride
Consider the typical cryptocurrency portfolio as a whirlwind adventure – exhilarating peaks, daunting troughs, and constant unpredictability. While the crypto market offers its share of thrills, it can also be emotionally and financially taxing. It's a world where unprecedented surges can swiftly be overshadowed by periods of intense instability, leaving returns at the mercy of market whims.
The Balanced Crypto Portfolio: A Steady Journey
At Bedrock, our vision is to transform the crypto investment experience into a journey akin to a well-calibrated monorail – smooth, balanced, and secure. We believe in achieving true stability in a portfolio through active trading and innovative strategies. Our focus is on identifying and integrating the most effective, uncorrelated trading strategies, typically reserved for hedge funds, market makers and professional asset managers. Our mission is to enable investors to consistently grow their wealth, irrespective of market turbulence, crafting a financial path that is more predictable and resilient.